At Lifeway House, we equip you with high quality, evidence-based approaches to assist you in your recovery journey.

Medically Supervised Detox

The detox process marks the first step of treatment and rids toxins from drugs and alcohol from the patient’s body

Residential Treatment

Initial treatment processes are done under 24-hr medical supervision from our resident clinical staff.

Group therapy sessions

Psychotherapy treatment done in group settings enables patients to realise the universality of their challenges

Individual therapy

One on one sessions conducted between patients and therapists assigned to them enables exploration of personal experience, challenges and their impacts and triggers

Family program

Involving the patient’s family in treatment helps in assessment of social support systems, co-dependency and preparation of individualized re-integration program.

Relapse prevention

This will help patients control their urges and triggers. They will also learn how take charge of their feelings, thoughts and actions in a bid to prevent relapse.



At Lifeway House we are fully committed to helping you begin your recovery journey safely, comfortably and in an encouraging uplifting, distraction-free environment. If you are struggling with an addiction or have a loved one who is, our committed staff and tailored program will help you treat your addiction and identify its root cause. We are committed to delivering high quality care to our patients and providing maximum support that will truly help in achieve lasting sobriety.

At Lifeway House, we design individualised long-term treatment plans to meet each patient’s needs, so that they have the relevant tools to apply in their daily lives after residential treatment.

During your stay here, you will not only have the support from our qualified staff, but also feel a sense of community from other patients. Seeing you transform your life is the reason we do this work- we will go above and beyond to help you in your journey to recovery.

Your journey at Lifeway House does not end at residential treatment. We endeavour to support your reintegration into daily routine after you leave, through our aftercare program. We will continue to work with you as you remould socially, education-wise and economically.




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